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Web server




For SyncoTM,...
s Web server 5 701 OZW772... V4.0 For SyncoTM, SyncoTM living Web server OZW772… allows for remote plant control and monitoring via the web and Smartphone-App. Four versions of the web server are available: To connect 1, 4, 16, or 250 KNX devices from Synco 700, RXB/RXL room controllers, RDG/RDF/RDU room thermostats, and the QAX9… Synco living central apartment units. • Operate via web browser with PC/laptop and Smartphone. • Operate via Smartphone app (iPhone and Android). • Visualize the plants in the web browser based on standard plant diagrams and customized plant web pages. • Connections: USB and Ethernet. • Display fault messages in the web browser. • Send fault messages to a maximum of 4 e-mail recipients. • Periodically send system reports to e-mail recipients. • Acquire and display consumption data. • Send consumption data file to 2 email recipients. • Function "Energy indicator" to monitor data points for energy-related limit values, or "Green li ... ascunde
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