Senzor de temperatura a camerei SIEMENS QAA910

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2 701 Synco™living QAA910 Room Temperature Sensor • Wireless room temperature sensor for acquiring the room temperature • RF communication based on KNX standard (868 MHz, unidirectional) • Battery-powered by commercially available 1.5 V batteries Use • For integration into the Siemens Synco living system • For acquiring the room temperature in HVAC plant • Especially suited for: − Renovation projects (old buildings, museums, churches, historical buildings, etc.) − Difficult wall-mounting situations (sandstone, glass, etc.) − Variable floor plans (different décors, other furniture) − New construction projects CE1N2701en 12.01.2009 Building Technologies Equipment combinations The QAA910 room temperature sensor is designed for use with the Siemens Synco living system. For more detailed information about equipment combinations, refer to the Data Sheet of the central apartment unit (CE1N2707en). Ordering When ordering, please give quantity, product name and ... ascunde
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