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ETALBOND SUPPORT SYSTEMS 1. Selection of an Etalbond Support system 1.1 The selection of an outer covering suitable support system with cassettes has to be realised at the phase of the architectural design, and after serious study. 1.2 This means that the structural engineer or architect should have considerable experience on architectural cladding subjects with respect to aluminium constructions. The system he is going to propose, has to fulfil the peculiarities of construction stability and the aesthetic demands in combination with the building demands for more flexible and economical solutions that maintain construction easiness and technical performance. 1.3 The industries that produce composite panels in large scale usually propose their own support system. While, various other construction enterprises in the field of architectural cladding propose their own support systems. 1.4 Consequently with regards to the selection of the support system there is not only a vast amount of in ... ascunde