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Sasha Sasha-Mi design A. Apostoli Sauna Emotional Shower Hammam Intense heat relaxes the body and makes it vibrate to the rhythm of the heart that beats more slowly to the flow of time. Transparency, modernity and the most precious solid wood species, for a wide-ranging wellness that is not longer restricted to an intimate space but becomes larger so that you can socialise completely at ease. Large glass panels outline the space, let through light and hues, allow each area to be seen from the next. The space has an impressive design. Water games on your body accompany the three care action programs: The muffled silence of warm dew, a new season for your body that opens to purification again and again and is reborn stronger, lighter, more relaxed.Your gestures are made slower by the deep action of the three programs: Tepidarium (~38°C - medium humidity), Hammam (~40°C high humidity) and Calidarium (~42°C - high humidity), the synthesis of a spa tradition that has crossed the w ... ascunde
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