Regulator electronic multifunctional SIEMENS RRV934

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Synco™ living
s 2 709 Synco™ living Multi-controller RRV934 • RF-based multi-controller − For precontrol of up to 2 room groups − For control of ventilation plant with up to 3 stages • RF communication based on KNX standard (868 MHz, bidirectional) • Mains-powered AC 230 V • 3 universal relay outputs • 1 additional output − for 3-position actuator, or − as a 4th universal relay output • 4 universal inputs • 2 universal outputs DC 0…10 V Use • For integration into the Siemens Synco living system • Designed for use in heating plants for precontrol of up to 2 room groups − 2 primary controllers each with 1 DC 0…10 V actuator − 1 primary controller with a DC 0…10 V actuator and 1 primary controller with a 3-position actuator With flow and return temperature limitation, optional control of room group pumps and DHW heating. • Suited for control of 3-stage ventilation plant including HR bypass, with influence from humidity, indoor air quality or CO2 level, fau ... ascunde
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