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Design for the 21st century
ABU DHABI Design for the 21st century After location and exterior, elevators are an important element in a building’s character. KONE supplied ALDAR Headquarters with innovative solutions that match not only the building’s contemporary design but take into account its environmentally friendly practices. KONE References 2009 KONE References KONE is proud to present these selected achievements from around the world. Join us on a journey through 2009, as well as catch a glimpse into our future. Enjoy your visit. Fruit of innovation – Red Apple, Rotterdam, Netherlands A much needed elevator – Thierschstraße 29, Munich, Germany Smooth co-existence – 183 Wellington Street, Toronto, Canada A jewel is born – ALDAR Headquarters, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates The fairest one of all – Pacific Place, Hong Kong Rising to the challenge – Marina Bay Sands, Singapore A floating palace – Oasis of the Seas Traveling at bullet speed – Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway, ... ascunde
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