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AUSTRIA Intumex GmbH Buchnerplatz 1 A-4021 Linz Tel: +43 (70) 6912 0 Fax: +43 (70) 6912 3740 Email: USA Intumex (North America) 2971 E. Wyecliff Way Highlands Ranch CO 80126 Tel: +1 (720) 344 4701 Fax: +1 (720) 344 2138 Email: WEBSITE The information given in this handbook is based on our experience at the time of going to print. Intumex® does not accept responsibility for any errors, omissions or interpretations of any of the information. This publication has no statutory authority, and therefore approved documents or the appropriate Building Regulations must be consulted in all instances. The information within this publication is provided in good faith. It is the individuals responsibility to perform his/her own tests on the product prior to use in order to verify its suitability for the intended application. Intumexfi - Contents Introducing Intumexfi The Perfect Solution Page 2-5 Laminate Intumexfi L - Intumescent Seal ... ascunde