Produs poliuretanic pentru sigilare si nivelare SIKA Sika®-ComfortFloor® Pro, Sika®-ComfortFloor® Decorative Pro, Sikafloor®-Comfort Porefiller

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Product Data Sheet Edition 09/08/2010 Identification no: 02 08 01 09 001 0 000013 Sikafloor®-Comfort Porefiller Sikafloor®-Comfort Porefiller Construction 2-part PUR part of the Sika®-ComfortFloor Pro® and Sika®-ComfortFloor Decorative® Pro System Product Description Sikafloor®-Comfort Porefiller is a two part, total solid, low VOC, PUR used for sealing and levelling. Uses   Is a durable high quality compound used for sealing and levelling of the permeable surface of prefabricated granular rubber sheets Particularly suitable for hospitals, schools, sales premises, showrooms, entrance halls, lobbies, open-plan offices, museums For interior use only      Good bonding properties Low VOC Non flammable No shrinking after curing Easy to apply  Characteristics / Advantages Product Data Form Appearance / Colours Resin - part A: Hardener - part B: light grey, liquid brown, transparent, liquid Packaging Part A: Part B: Part A+B: 16 kg containers 4 ... ascunde