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ACOUSTICS SILENT OFFICE CONCEPT SOUND At every moment of every day, we are all surrounded by sound. The effects of this experience on the human organism can be positive, but the dangers are just as potent. ol 3 pa 0 d in B th re sh 1 je 12 0 t p dB la ne et 9 a 0d bu B sy st re 6 offi 5 d B ce 3 lib 5 d ra B ry st 2 qu 0 d ie B tf or e 0 th dB re sh o ld of d au di bi lit y TYPICAL NOISE LEVELS SOUND DISTRIBUTION IN AN INTERIOR SPACE reflection absorption transmission Outfitting a room with sound-absorbing materials can result in a substantial reduction of the overall noise level. This leads to improved audibility and clarity between colleagues, which in turn contributes to a lower conversational volume. SILENT OFFICE CONCEPT | | ACOUSTICS IN THE OFFICE SILENT OFFICE CONCEPT SOUND REFLECTION IN A TYPICAL OFFICE Many people spend up to a third of their lives at work. As such, it’s essential to plan our offices s ... ascunde
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