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RCR Industrial Flooring Worldwide leader in Industrial Flooring Global Solutions Index 1. RCR Activity 2. RCR Industrial Flooring Group 3. World Tech Floor 4. RCR Brands 5. Company policy • Customized solutions • RCR Products 6. Main International customers 1 RCR Activity • RCR manufactures and installs different solutions for industrial flooring that perfectly fit the customer needs. Over 50 years of experience in the flooring sector allows us to offer a complete range of solutions fully guaranteed in: • • • • Flooring Acrylic Mortar Magnesite coating Synthetic resins 2 RCR Industrial Flooring group RCR Industrial Flooring Africa A2S Rinol Rocland (Morocco) Rinol Ag. Algeria Rinol Ag. South Africa Rinol Rocland Suesco (Spain) Rinol Rocland, R&T (Spain) RCR Concrete Engineering (Spain) Europe ASIC Pavim. (Portugal) Permaban Ag. China Rinol Italia R&T (Italy) Asia America RCR Industrial Flooring (Chile) Rinol Gmbh (Germany) Per ... ascunde
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