Prelucrarea panourilor compozite din aluminiu ETALBOND

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CHAPTER 1: SAW-CUTTING Existing machinery and tooling used for woodworking and metal can be used for the saw cutting of Etalbond. Below an indicative list of saw cutting equipment with nominal values for tool geometry and working conditions is supplied for easy reference. Prior to processing large quantities trial saw cuttings should be done to evaluate both the tool working conditions and the recommended cutting speeds. For markings the use of a soft pencil is just fine. Hard marking tools should be avoided as they can fracture the Aluminium surface. The chips formed during saw cutting should be taken away with compressed air. Due to the nature of Etalbond material it is best to move the saw blade than the material as no scratch will remain on the panel. Etalbond can be cut to any shape with a jig saw and if circular shaped by using an auxiliary circular cutting tool. If good saw cutting practices are applied and recommendations followed the result should be clean cuts with little b ... ascunde