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January 2002 ® = Registered ...
Pagina 2-Polistiren expandat BASF Neopor Fisa tehnica Engleza sual bulkdensity range Neopor 2200 Neopor 2300 ...
sual bulkdensity range Neopor 2200 Neopor 2300 Neopor 2400 9–30 kg/m3 16–40 kg/m3 20–40 kg/m3 Recommended intermediate aging period 10 – 48 h 10 – 48 h 10 – 24 h Bulk density achievable in a continuous preexpansion operation 20 kg/m3 20 kg/m3 23 kg/m3 Physical form Neopor is supplied in the form of spherical beads. Since Neopor has similar processing characteristics to Styropor, more about processing can be found in our brochure "Processing of Styropor" and in the following technical information bulletins: TI 540 TI 570 TI 340 Preexpansion of Styropor Intermediate aging of preexpanded Styropor Steam as energy source for producing expanded foams Industrial hygiene Small quantities of the blowing agent escape when storing or processing the material. The workplace should therefore be adequately ventilated. This is especially true when hot wires are used to cut the foam since, apart from the pentane, small amounts of residual styrene are present in the vapour produced. Th ... ascunde

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