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A New Dimension of Light
PLEXIGLAS® EndLighten A New Dimension of Light PLEXIGLAS® EndLighten PLEXIGLAS® EndLighten Reflective cover Reflector Protective cover Light source Motif carrier Fig. 1: Sectional drawing of an edge-lit display featuring PLEXIGLAS® EndLighten Product Whether for artworks, signage or accent lighting, edge-lit PLEXIGLAS® EndLighten provides uniform backlighting of ultraslim units. The thickness tolerances of this product have been further reduced as compared with its predecessor, the wellknown PLEXIGLAS® GS 1002, and the range has been extended to cover extremely large applications. Applications PLEXIGLAS® EndLighten is a transparent, light-diffusing acrylic (PMMA) that exhibits special light-conducting properties. Luminous displays made with edge-lit sheets of PLEXIGLAS® EndLighten, distribute the light entering through their edges and emit it uniformly over their entire surfaces. PLEXIGLAS® EndLighten makes it possible to construct particularly flat, large-surface, singl ... ascunde