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 PROMAT DURASTEEL Catalog, brosura Engleza Uniclass L751:P2:N324 CI/SfB
Uniclass L751:P2:N324 CI/SfB EPIC L1:X2:Y421 (K2) July 2003 (57.9) Rf9 l DURADUCT LT l DURADUCT SMT l DURADUCT SR ® ® DUCTWORK SOLUTIONS ® INTRODUCTION TRIED AND TESTED SYSTEMS FOR LIFE SAFETY DURADUCT SMT® and LT® ductwork systems are made from DURASTEEL® sheet; a non-combustible composite of fibre cement, reinforced by mechanically bonded galvanised steel sheeting. DURASTEEL® is highly resistant to moisture and retains its mechanical integrity even 2 when saturated. It will not absorb combustible fluids such as cooking oil in kitchen extract ducts and has exceptional fire resistant qualities. Systems are available which will provide up to four hours protection to suit the demands of modern developments. DURASTEEL® withstands hose stream action and, because of its very low moisture absorption, it can be used externally. It is not susceptible to the damage often caused by moisture or sprinkler activation during the early stages of delivery and installation of a fire-rate ... ascunde