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DURASTEEL® SUSPENDED CEILING MEMBRANE (E 240 - Integrity Only) Fire from above or below Fire resistance: Channel (minimum): Overall depth: Weight (nominal): 240 minutes integrity only. (Fire attack from above or below) 80mm x 60mm x 3mm 89.5mm 27 Kg/m2 Perimeter channels of ceiling membrane fastened to surrounding construction with M10 or M12 allsteel expanding anchors (or equivalent for alternative types of supporting construction) at 500mm maximum centres. Primary channels at 1200mm maximum centres, supported from building structure above the ceiling membrane with steel drop rods at 1.5m centres. Threaded rods pass through clearance holes in the upper flange of the channels and are fastened with steel hexagon full nuts. Diameter of drop rods such that the tensile stress within the rods does not exceed 6N/mm2 for fire ratings up to 240 minutes. (This may be increased to 10N/mm2 if only a 120 minutes fire rating is required). 9.5mm Durasteel® boards fastened to lower flange of ste ... ascunde