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TECHNICAL DATASHEET Thickness = 6 mm PARKLEX FACADE CORNER Ref: FTFACADECO Rev: 02 (08.2015) Tests Standard Property or attribute Measurement unit Results EN 438-8 Part Due to the fact that wood is a natural product, each veneer may be considered as unique. Colour and structure differences are considered as normal. Singularities such as knots and resin inclusions are not considered as defects, but as a part of the décor. There are differences in light fastness performances depending on the wood species and the source of the wood 1. Inspection requirements Colour, pattern and surface finish 2. Dimensional tolerances Available on both, interior and exterior corner Thickness - 6 mm ±0,4 Curvature radius - 50 mm ±10% 90 deg ±10% 2440x250 mm +10/-0 Angle α Length and width - 250x1220 +10/-0 ≥ 1.800 3. Physical properties Resistance to impact with large diameter ball EN 438-2 Part 21 Maximum height for which no visible surface mm cracking or ... ascunde

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Placi HPL cu finisaj furnir

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