Placi din silicat de calciu rezistente la foc 90 min - Detaliu de fatada PROMAT SUPALUX

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90 Minute SUPALUX® Protection to Wind Posts in Fire Resistant, Separating Walls Introduction Wind posts are a common way of providing lateral support to tall masonry walls in modern steel-framed buildings. In situations where the walls are also required to provide fire resistance between two compartments (or at a boundary position), the fire protection applied to the wind posts must also maintain the fire separation across the wall construction at that point. That is, in addition to providing fire protection to the steel to a critical temperature of T550°C, it must also be capable of maintaining the wall integrity and the insulation requirements of T140°C mean rise and T180°C maximum rise to the unexposed face. 2-Sided Wind Post Encasement Fire Resistant Block Wall PROMASEAL® Intumescent Sealant SUPALUX® Protection Block Ties RHS and SHS steel sections are frequently used for wind posts and the openings in the fire resistant wall may be typically 40mm wider than the steel se ... ascunde