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 PROMAT DURASTEEL Fisa tehnica Engleza Uniclass L5: P2: N32 CI/SfB Rf9

Uniclass L5: P2: N32 CI/SfB Rf9 EPIC E: X2: Y42 (K2) + (K3) February 2004 DURASTEEL® Fire Barriers DURASTEEL® HIGH PERFORMANCE FIRE BARRIERS DURASTEEL® INTRODUCTION The risks associated with industrial and manufacturing environments are assessed as being far wider than those for commercial buildings. In the event of a fire, effective compartmentation is paramount to prevent loss of life and limit damage to property and consequential loss. By separating a fire with strategic barriers, including fire resistant doors, ceilings and penetration seals, the spread of fire and smoke can be stopped. DURASTEEL® fire and impact resistant barriers provide a cost 2 effective fastrack solution to the problem of compartmentation of large warehouses and fire resistant enclosures, rooms, ceilings, cable trunking and the like. DURASTEEL® barriers can be fitted with a range of compatible personnel doors, sliding and guillotine doors, roller shutters and access hatches to provide up to 240 minu ... ascunde