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PROMATECT®-H Timber Post Cladding PROMATECT®-H Timber Post Cladding It is common knowledge that if correctly dimensioned and of the correct timber species, wood can be used as a structural member; should it have sufficient section size, it could be considered inherently fire resistant because the charring rates of timbers can be reasonably precisely calculated. However, wood itself is flammable. If it is present in an area where the temperature is raised to approximately 350OC spontaneous combustion will occur. If wood is exposed long term to a temperature of approximately 100OC the fibres forming the wood itself can degrade over time resulting in loss of its structural strength. Differences in charring rates occur across species of timber, however a general rule of thumb is that softwoods will char at a rate of about 40mm per hour, and hard wood at about 30mm per hour. The structural integrity of timber is dependant on its section dimension. A wooden cantilever beam is exposed for ... ascunde