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PROMATECT®-100 PROMAXON® Technology - Partition and Ceiling Systems NEW Flat SLIMLINE Smooth ACOUSTIC Single Layer FIRE Fast Build BARRIERS An Introduction to PROMATECT®-100 Fire Rated Systems What are autoclaved calcium silicate boards? Promat already manufacture a number of autoclaved calcium silicate boards, including PROMATECT®-H and PROMATECT®-L500. The autoclaving process exposes the mix of raw materials to elevated temperatures and pressures to create a product with the following properties: • • • • • • Non-combustibility Good impact and abrasion resistance Moisture tolerance Good dimensional stability Stability in fire conditions Good insulation properties when exposed to fire This gives a better fire insulation than either traditional calcium silicate boards or gypsum boards, as these new boards have both a small amount of free water in the PROMAXON®, and chemically bound water in the mineral matrix. By producing more water, and retaining it within the b ... ascunde