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Ceiling Membranes Timber Floors & Roofs T E C H N I C A L 10 D A T A PH 14 1 hour and 2 hours fire rating, integrity and insulation in accordance with the criteria of BS 476: Part 22 and AS 1530: Part 4 with fire from above or below. 9 7 8 6 1 2 3 PROMATECT®-H boards, each side 9mm thick PROMATECT®-H strips 100mm x 9mm fixed to either face of framing Mineral wool as table below: 1 hour fire rating 50mm thick x 40 kg/m3 density 2 hours fire rating 80mm thick x 100 kg/m3 density Steel hollow sections at 1220mm centres, minimum size 60mm deep x 40mm x 2.5mm up to 2.4mm ceiling span. Alternatively, steel channel 100 deep x 50mm x 2mm can be used up to 3m ceiling span. For sizes of steel hollow sections up to 6m ceiling span, please contact Promat for details Steel channel 0.5mm thick at 1220mm centres M4 self-tapping screws at nominal 200mm centres Rolled hollow section welded to steel plate for expansion allowance M12 steel anchor bolts fixing hollow section expansion plate M6 an ... ascunde