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Concrete & Timber Column Claddings PROMATECT®-H PROMATECTfi -S Ductwork Systems PH 03 Concrete Cladding PH 03/05 The fire protection provided by concrete can vary dramatically depending on its density, moisture content, composition and thickness. The performance of concrete protected structural elements will also depend on their span, end conditions and whether or not they are pre stressed etc. If it is felt that a concrete beam or column may require further fire protection either due to any of the factors listed above or simply to limit the damage a fire could cause, Promat can offer various solutions normally using a PROMATECT®-H encasement. For hydrocarbon fires and tunnel fires see Tunnel Fire Protection on webpage. Please contact the Promat Technical Department for more details. 1 Timber Cladding 4 When exposed to fire, most softwoods char at about 0.66mm/minute and most hardwoods about 0.5mm/minute. The fire performance of a timber structural element will obviously depend ... ascunde