Placa rezistenta la foc - pentru pereti portanti PROMAT PROMATECT - L 500

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Self-Supporting Ducts PROMATECT®-L500 The alternative PROMATECT®-L500 self-supporting system provides an economical and fire safe method of constructing natural and mechanical smoke extract and ventilation ductwork without a steel lining. Lengths of the PROMATECT®-L500 system are normally prefabricated off-site using PROMATECT®-L500 boards. This ensures that time spent on site is kept to a maximum, with little or no disruption to other trades. Please refer to Design Considerations on the webpage, as well as the guidance given on the following pages. PE 43 For selection of board thickness, it will not only depend on the required fire performance but also on the internal cross section of the duct and the operating pressure(s). With large ducts and medium to high operating pressures, internal stiffeners may be required (see last page). Tables 1 and 2 below given guidance on these requirements and further assistance is available from the Promat Technical Department. Table 1: Fire O ... ascunde