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Fire Parapets & Spandrel Walls Timber Floors & Roof 8 T E C H N I C A L D A T A PH 71/72 2 hours fire rating, integrity in accordance with the criteria of BS 476: Part 22 for fire from either side, in the form of either a downstand or an upstand from a concrete floor slab. 6 1 PROMATECT®-H boards, 12mm thick 2 9 3 PROMATECT®-H boards, 9mm thick Smoke seal filled with PROMASEAL® Acrylic Sealant 4 Steel spandrel bracket at 1220mm centres to coincide with butt joints Detail 1 Vertical section through parapets and spandrel walls 5 M8 metal anchor PH 72 6 External curtain wall panel system 7 M4 self-tapping screws at nominal 200mm centres 8 Window sill (aluminium, timber or other decorative material) 9 2 Fire rated floor slab NOTE: For construction details of vertical barriers projecting down from the underside of the substrate, please contact Promat Technical Department. 9 7 Detail 2 Parapets wall detail PH 9 71 5 4 1 3 Detail 3 Spandrel wall detail 6 ... ascunde