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Access Panels Fire Rated Pit Panel PROMATECTfi Smoke Barrier 1 7 6 PE 15 The Promat panels described herein are designed as removable covers to cable trenches etc. the design incorporates light steel framing and drop-in panels to provide up to 180 minutes fire resistance. The panels are custom made to match the individual dimensional requirements of the project, these panels can be constructed either at site or prefabricated for ease of installation. The panels are fabricated from lightweight PROMATECT®-L500 boards, thus the complete system is relatively low in weight and can be removed and replaced without need of special equipment. If the covering to the trench is to be loadbearing or to withstand light foot-traffic, the panels can be bonded to steel plates. The thickness of the plates would be determined by the panel dimensions and the load bearing requirement of the system. 11 12 Installation Method T E C H N I C A L D A T A 3 hours fire rating, integrity and insulation i ... ascunde