Placa din silicat de calciu rezistente la foc PROMAT SUPALUX

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SUPALUX Technical Data SUPALUX High performance building board • • • • Non-combustible Fire Protective Moisture Resistant Easy to Work, Fix and Decorate INTRODUCTION Supalux is a strong, lightweight non-combustible building board for use in many fire resisting and general-purpose building applications. A high performance board that can be used in constructions providing up to 240 minutes fire protection. It is simple to work and fix, easy to decorate, resistant to the effects of moisture and will not rot or decay. Physical properties SUPALUX Thicknesses (mm) 6, 9,12,15 Widths (mm) 610, 1220 Lengths (mm) 1220,1830 2440, 3050 Nominal Weight 0.96 (kg/mm/m2) Dry Density (kg/m3) 875 Flexural strength (Mpa) 8.5 Moisture movement (%) (35 - 85% RH) 0.04 Combustibility Non-combustible Spread of Flame (BS 476 Part 7: 1987) Class 1 Tolerances on length and width in mm -1.0 to -3.0 Tolerances on thickness in mm +0.0 to -0.5 Thermal conductivity W/mK 0.17 Surface PH value 7 - 10 The prop ... ascunde