Piloni din PVC pentru deck-uri compozite - PB-1 AN Decolandia

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Pagina 1-Piloni din PVC pentru deck-uri compozite - PB-1 AN Decolandia Fisa tehnica Engleza Technical data...
Technical data sheet PB-1 - adjustable from 42 to 60mm 170mm PB-1 42-60mm 197mm 170mm PB-1 + BC-PH5 54-72mm 205mm Adjustable height Accessories Adjustable height from 42 to 60mm uninterrupted. Different BUZON accessories can be clipped to the head of With addition of a 0 to 5% BC-PH5 slope corrector, adjustable pedestal PB-1 according to the materials used by manufacturers from 54 to 72mm. of terraces, podiums and temporary exhibitions (pedestals, gratings, tiles, etc.) and other parts for specific applications Composition The PB-1 is composed by 2 pieces (head + base). demanded by manufacturers. Twinson Werzalit Tile separator Material Copolymer polypropylene (CPP), material thickness 3 to 4.5mm w/w. 17mm thk. 2, 3 & 4,5mm Composition: 80% recycled PPC, 20% talc + UV black masterbatch and 100% recyclable. Standard wood batten Specific wood batten Under study Dimensions of the PB-1 pedestal Head = diameter 170mm – Installation surface 227cm2 Base = diameter 1 ... ascunde