Parchet din lemn de stejar MOBILA VOGUE Uniko

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Pagina 1-Parchet din lemn de stejar MOBILA VOGUE Uniko Fisa tehnica Italiana, Engleza T +39 0438 995330...
Pagina 2-Parchet din lemn de stejar MOBILA VOGUE Uniko Fisa tehnica Italiana, Engleza  la superficie.

la superficie. • Tongue and groove on the 4 sides • Bevelled edges • Top layer valuable prestigious wood, thickness 3mm • Balancing counter face • Central support in fir wood orthogonal to the noble wood • Floating or glued installation The operating environmental humidity must be between 45% and 60% at a temperature of approximately 20°C. Please note: Wood is a natural product and each plank is a unique specimen, hence planks may differ one from the other in colour. — The use of adhesive tape on the handcrafted finishes is not recommended as it can damage the surface. T +39 0438 995330 Uniko Rovere Oak Assito 3 strati 1 strip 3 layers 1 strip P01 Prelevigato Unfinished ANTIQUE FREE MAXI ANTIQUE P13 Piallato Grezzo FREE P08 Termo Pial. Grezzo FREE MAXI FREE U11 Vernice OIL UV CLASSIC ANTIQUE FREE U09 Smoked OIL UV FREE V28 Bianco ANTIQUE V29 Sand V. CLASSIC U07 Grigio OIL UV ANTIQUE R15 Shore OIL UV FREE R16 Restaurato Naturale FREE R11 Re ... ascunde

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