NSF Protocol - Uscatoare de maini DYSON

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DYS_AB_UK_P355-PROTOCOL-V2.indd Job number:30703 Version: 118 Date:29.07.2009 Time: 14:27 Uhr When are dry hands dry? Dyson scientists asked public health specialists, NSF International, to define the criteria for a hygienic hand dryer. The study resulted in NSF Protocol P335. Part of this protocol states that for a hand dryer to be hygienic, hands must be dried within 15 seconds. Here’s how they test it... Take three male and female volunteers. Fold paper towel once, place on digital scales and record weight. Place both hands in water container up to level of wrist crease for five seconds. Rub hands in the water to remove trapped air and bubbles. Remove hands from container and let water drip from hands for five seconds. Place hands under dryer 5cm from outlet. *Dry hands according to manufacturer’s instructions. If these instructions include rubbing then rub hands at a rate of two times per five-0.1g seconds. 0.1g+ Once air begins to flow from dryer start to rub and dry ha ... ascunde
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