Montajul blaturilor pentru bucatarii FORMICA CompacTop

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RECOMMENDATIONS COMPACTOP® ON HANDLING AND MECHANICAL METHODS FOR 1.- Cutting Material with a Disc Saw • • • • • • • • Piece Feed Speed: 3-5 m/min. (10-16 ft/min.) Tool—Disc: Widia Minimum - Hardened metal (tungsten carbide) Maximum Height of Disc above Piece: 20-25 mm. (0.8”-1”). Speed 3000-6000 rpm No. of teeth 84-108 teeth. Diameter: 240-440 mm. (9.5”-17.3”) Width: 3.5 mm. (0.14”) Piece to Be Cut: Ensure that the surface of the piece faces up, that is to say that the saw teeth “bite” into the face. The face must not have any chips or nicks on it, which can be caused by the backward motion of the teeth. If you have a portable saw, the bite goes from bottom to top, which requires you to go over the edge again. Piece Feed Speed: 5-8 meters/min (16-26 ft/min.) Life: Approximately 1,000 linear meters/disc (3,280 linear feet/disc) • • 2.- Milling • • • • This can be done on a milling bench or on a hand milling machine. Tool (Milling Cu ... ascunde