Mocheta din poliamida buclata - dale PARAGON Color Quest

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 PARAGON Color Quest Fisa tehnica Engleza COLOUR QUEST
COLOUR QUEST Heavy contract carpet tile TECHNICAL DATA Production method Surface aspect Pile material Primary backing Gauge Pile height Pile weight (+/- 7.5%) Pile density Electrostatical characteristics: Stroll test Electrical resistivity Electrical resistivity Dimensional stability Acoustical isolation Thermal resistance Wear classification Comfort classification Applications castor chair underfloor heating Colour fastness to light to water to shampoo to rubbing Flammability Euroclass Product type specifications Total height (+/- 0.5 mm) Total weight (+/- 7.5%) Backing type Dimensions Optional backing STANDARD-NORM ISO 2424 ISO 2424 ISO 2424 ISO 2424 ISO 2424 ISO 1766 ISO 8543 ISO 1763 ISO DTR 6356 surface-to-surface surface-to-subfloor EN 986 ISO 140/8 ISO 11092 EN 1307:1997 EN 1307:1997 BS EN ISO 1307:1997 ISO 105 B02 ISO 105 E01 ISO 105 ISO 105 X12 EN 13501-1 ISO 1765 ISO 8543 ISO 2424 EN 994 SPECIFICATION Tufted Looppile 100% piece dyed PA Non woven polyster 1/10" 3.5 mm 730 g/m2 ... ascunde