Membrane pentru acoperisuri ventilate fara astereala DELTA DRAGOFOL

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DELTA® protects property. Saves energy. Creates comfort. DRAGOFOL Laying Instructions ˾ 1. DRAGOFOL is fixed in place by nailing the battens and counter battens onto the rafters. ˾ 2. The individual sheets should overlap by 10 to 15 cm. If the pitch of the roof is less than 22°, the individual sheets should overlap by at least 20 cm. The black marker threads should run parallel to the edge at a distance of approx. 12 cm. ˾ 3. The membrane should be laid at least 5 cm away from the ridge of the roof. This ensures optimum ventilation. ˾ 4. When fitting the thermal insulation material, you should keep a ventilated gap of at least 2 cm. min. 2 cm 1 2 3 4 Detailed instructions for laying DRAGOFOL can be printed out from The instructions can also be saved as a PDF file. C L A S S I C Q U A L I T Y ˾ Reinforced Roofing Underlay ˾ For all back-ventilated Roofs ˾ New Constructions Extensions Refurbishments ... ascunde

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