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Matrice audio 4 zone AUDAC MTX48

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Pagina 1-Matrice audio 4 zone AUDAC MTX48 Fisa tehnica Engleza MTX48

4 Zone Audio Matrix


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Pagina 2-Matrice audio 4 zone AUDAC MTX48 Fisa tehnica Engleza ur stereo line-level inputs are provided
ur stereo line-level inputs are provided where to any line-level music source such as a CD-player, Tuner or MP3 player, ... can be connected. The other two inputs of the matrix are the additional wall panel inputs for both line and microphone signals. Outputs Input sensitivity Mic EQ Input Mic 1-2 High Mid Low Phantom power Mic Input sensitivity Line Output impedance Output level EQ output Treble Bass Frequency response Signal / Noise ratio Mic Line THD + N Mic Line Crosstalk Control possibilities What makes the MTX system superior to all other matrix systems in their range, are the advanced control possibilities. The MTX can be controlled by means of additional control panels for every specific zone, with or without additional audio inputs. It also features a fully functional web based interface whereby the audio system can be controlled and configured from any device connected in your LAN network by just using a standard web browser, while the apps for iPhone and iPad enable you to ... ascunde

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