Hidroizolatie bituminoasa bicomponenta foarte elastica MAPEI PLASTIMUL 2K PLUS

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K 2 s l u u l im P t as l P EN 15814 IN COMPLIANCE WITH EUROPEAN STANDARD EN 15814 W2A-CB2 C2A-R3 POLYMER MODIFIED BITUMINOUS THICK COATINGS FOR WATERPROOFING MAPEI GmbH Werk Weferlingen Plastimul 2K Plus Bitumendickbeschichtung P-DD 4042/2/2007 F KIWA MPA Bautest GmbH Two-component, solvent-free, quick-drying, low-shrinkage, high flexibility bitumen waterproofing emulsion containing cellulose fibres WHERE TO USE Plastimul 2K Plus is used for waterproofing horizontal and vertical concrete and brickwork surfaces at low temperatures and high levels of humidity. Once dry, which is quicker thanks to the fillerized hydraulic binder contained in the product, it forms a highly flexible waterproof coating. Plastimul 2K Plus may also be used for spot-bonding insulating panels used to protect the perimeter of the waterproofing layer. Some application examples Plastimul 2K Plus is used for: •  waterproofing foundations, basements and underground garages from the outside; •  ate ... ascunde