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Uniclass L7842 CI/SfB Yt4 Feb 2003 EPIC F813 (K2) PROMASEAL UniCollar The Latest Generation of Fire Collars for Plastic Pipes Promat Introduction PROMASEAL Unicollar PROMASEAL UniCollar is a unique method of protecting plastic pipes which pass through fire rated walls and floors. The system is supplied in continuous strip form which is cut to length and attached to the element using ready-made clips. These clips fit into the pre-punched slots on the strip. The intumescent activating layer is already attached to the metal band and requires no additional fixing.This whole patented system is packaged in a single-ordered box for convenience. Function PROMASEAL UniCollar is the latest generation of fire collars designed to protect uPVC, HDPE, PP and other plastic pipes which pass through fire rated elements of building construction. The system uses well tested intumescent technology to effectively block off openings formed when plastic burns in a fire, to leave a solid barrier to mai ... ascunde