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Pagina 1-Fisa tehnica - Placa de fibrobeton Materia EQUITONE Fisa tehnica Engleza Material Information Sheet
Pagina 2-Fisa tehnica - Placa de fibrobeton Materia EQUITONE Fisa tehnica Engleza  panels are available in...
panels are available in either untrimmed or trimmed formats. The panels that come off the production line have untrimmed (raw) edges. These panels are available for distributors with the proper equipment to allow them to cut and trim the panel for any project. trimmed untrimmed The factory also provides a cutting service for customers who do not have the necessary cutting facilities. Approximately ± 15 mm needs to be trimmed from the untrimmed (raw) panel to ensure correct squareness. Dimensions: Not rectified untrimmed 3130 mm x 1280 mm 2530 mm x 1280 mm Rectified trimmed 3100 mm x 1250 mm 2500 mm x 1250 mm Technical Properties EQUITONE [materia] cladding panels conform to the requirements of EN 12467:2012-12 “Fibrecement flat sheets – Product specification and test methods“. The results are presented as defined by the standard. EQUITONE [materia] Material Information Sheet November 2015 Page 1 of 2 Material Information Sheet Technical properties Minimum Density D ... ascunde

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