Elemente de etansare pentru cabluri electrice si tevi PROMAT PROMASEAL

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PROMASEAL® Acrylic/Intumescent/Silicone Sealant PROMASEALfi Acrylic Sealant SA 80 PROMASEAL® sealants are acrylic, intumescent or silicone based gunable sealant designed for fire resistant sealing of joints and services penetration against spread of fire, smoke and hot gasses to 4 hours fire resistance. 1 Adhesion is excellent to most types of surface. They cure in air to form a non-hardening, tack-free seal. When specifying or sourcing a sealant for a control joint, it is essential that the characteristics of each control joint are taken into account. Control joints are provided either in or between elements of construction to allow for differential movement caused by a number of factors including shrinkage, thermal expansion, service loads, creep or as means of joining pre-cast units. PROMASEAL® Acrylic, Intumescent or Silicone Sealant vary in their movement capabilities. As a general rule, Acrylic Sealants have low movement properties (typically between 5% and 10%) and should ... ascunde