EKKO Capability Statement

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The 'Why': ...
UNDERSTANDING THE 'WHY' AND 'WHO' The 'Why': At all team levels, an important element of our daily thinking at EKKO is working by a simple yet over-looked philosophy: understanding the Why7that motivates our clients. "Why do our clients want to build their project?'" "What is the main driver for their investment?" Having a clear sense of Why7 sets expectations. If we don't know the Why7 and communicate it clearly, then we won't know what to expect; that causes the minimum expectation- on price, quality, service, features, that is, the ·commodity stuff. But when we do have a sense of Why7we can expect more so the acceptable standard is higher. We hold ourselves accountable for this important element of our firm's purpose. Added to this, we have the vast experience necessary to work with the design team on advising the best form of construction methods/products to align with the intention of the Why7; we are also flexible enough to adjust our service to suit the client's needs. Who ... ascunde
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