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INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE GUIDE B E H I N D M I R R O R TOU C H F R E E S OA P D I S P E N S E R A1 INDEX 1 TECHNICAL DATA 2 PRE-INSTALLATION INFORMATION 3 PACK CONTENTS 4-7 INSTALLATION 8 FILLING THE SOAP TANK 9 SETTINGS ADJUSTEMENT WITH A REMOTE CONTROL 10 BATTERIES REPLACEMENT 11 MAINTENANCE Care and cleaning of chrome and special finishes 11 SPARE PARTS LIST 12 WARRANTY 13 TROUBLE SHOOTING A2 T E C H NICAL DATA Behind mirror Soap Dispenser B - 280210 Behind mirror Soap Dispenser E - 280200 Capacity: 1 Liter \ 33.8 oz. Power Supply: IP 67 Battery Box for 6xD Alkaline batteries \ Transformer Soap viscosity: 100 – 3800 cPs Standard discharge: 0.8cc, Adjustable Sensor range: 30-100 mm +/- 10 mm (Adjustable by remote control). 1 PRE-INSTALLATION INFO Check contents Separate all parts from the packaging and check each part with the “Pack contents” section. Make sure all parts are accounted for before discarding any packaging mater ... ascunde
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