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Dispozitiv audio digital all-in-one AUDAC CMP30

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Digital Audio...
AUDAC CMP30 Digital Audio Source - Tuner - CD - MP3 Features - CD Player / MP3 Player - AM/FM Tuner with RDS - USB slot for USB storage devices - Memory card slot for SD/MMC Cards - RS232 Control port - Two Fixed Audio Outputs - One Variable Audio Output - Simultaneous operation of CD/MP3 and Tuner - ID3 and RDS information display Applications - All kinds of different applications where audio sources (CD, Mp3, Tuner, ...) and multiple audio sources are required The CMP30 is a All-In-One digital audio source device which accomodates three different kinds of audio sources into one single device. It combines a CD-Player, MP3 player and AM/ FM tuner into one single rack space 19” housing, offering a flexible, multi-functional and compact solution for many applications where multiple source devices are needed. Some typical applications examples can range from simple standard audio systems to the most complex and advanced Multi-Zone audio distribution systems. Besides the necessary ... ascunde

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