Dezumidificator industrial FRAL FD 980

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Pagina 1-Dezumidificator industrial FRAL FD 980 Fisa tehnica Engleza DEHUMIDIFIER
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DEHUMIDIFIER INDUSTRIAL Provided with: ƒ Functioning at under zero temperature (optional) ƒ Hot gas defrosting device (optional) with electronic and thermostatic control ƒ Automatic dehumidostat (or remote control) ƒ Fittings for continuous draining pipe connection ƒ Available doble version: horizontal or upper air supply ƒ High and low pressure switches ƒ Scroll Compressor ƒ Main Characteristics: ƒ Very strong aluminium pipes frame with galvanized and painted steel panels ƒ Three speed fan ƒ Used mainly in: ƒ Stores, basements ƒ Cold storage rooms (cheese etc.) ƒ Ceramic Factories etc. ƒ Swimming pools - inox version (The installation must be according to safety norms) TECHNICAL DATA Rated Average Power Consumption (at 20° 60% R.H.) C, Max. Power Consumption (35° 95% R.H.) C, Max. Absorbed Current (at 35° 95% R.H.) (std. vers. 230/1/50) C, Locked Rotor Current L.R.A. (std. vers. 230/1/50) Suond Pressure Level (at 3 mts in free field) Refrigerant R407c Standard defros ... ascunde

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