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 MAPEI Disarmante DMA 2000 Fisa tehnica Engleza 792/7.99

DMA 2000...
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 MAPEI Disarmante DMA 2000 Fisa tehnica Engleza rete; • steam-cured concrete;...
rete; • steam-cured concrete; • concrete cast in plastic forms; • concrete cast in cement or gypsum forms; • concrete cast in metal forms. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS DMA 2000 consists of specially selected oils, corrosion inhibitors, and special admixtures developed in the Mapei research laboratories. DMA 2000 owes its efficacy to physical action of conventional form release agents, which counter-act adhesion of concrete to forms, and to chemical reaction with cement paste in contact with forms that creates a very thin insulating film. DMA 2000's chemical property absolutely garantees efficient separation of the two elements. DMA 2000 features the following benefits: • better surface finish; COVERAGE Metal forms: Plastic forms: Wooden forms: 20-25 g/m2. 20-25 g/m2. 35-40 g/m2. PACKAGING DMA 2000 is available in 200 lt drums and 23 kg and 4.5 kg drums. On request it is also available in 1000 lt tanks or for bulk delivery. ® TECHNICAL DATA: PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION Consiste ... ascunde

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