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 MAPEI Disarmante DMA 2000 Fisa tehnica Engleza 792/7.99

DMA 2000...
792/7.99 ® DMA 2000 FORM-RELEASE AGENT UNIVERSAL FORM-RELEASE AGENT WITH CHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL ACTION • no surface dusting; • no grease stains, even with white cements; • less cleaning of forms; • simple low-cost application. RECOMMENDATIONS • Do not dilute DMA 2000 with water. • Do not dilute DMA 2000 with solvents or other oils. • For stripping rough wood forms, use of DMA 1000 FORM RELEASE AGENT. DIRECTIONS FOR USE DMA 2000 is ready to use. Application Using a pump with a spray nozzle, spray DMA 2000 onto clean, dry forms. For effective stripping of forms, do not exceed recommended dosage. This can cause formation of a fine dust on the surface which can alter the final finish. Cleaning Tools used for applying DMA 2000 can be cleaned with solvent (ethyl alcohol, etc.). WHERE TO USE Anti-adhesive treatment of iron, aluminium and plastic forms (epoxy and phenolic resins, polyesters, polyurethanes). Typical applications To facilitate form release of: • precast conc ... ascunde
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