Decofrol pe baza de ulei MAPEI Disarmante DMA 1000

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791/7.99 ® DMA 1000 FORM-RELEASE AGENT EMULSIFIABLE FORM-RELEASE AGENT FOR WOOD FORMWORK WHERE TO USE Anti-adhesive treatment of all types of wood formwork used in casting concrete. Typical applications • impregnation of planed wood forms; • impregnation of rough wood forms; • impregnation of plywood forms; • impregnation of industrial wooden panels. a white emulsion is obtained. With new or highly absorbent planking, an emulsion of 5-10 parts water with 1 part in volume DMA 1000 is recommended. Applying the emulsion Spread the DMA 1000 emulsion on wooden forms with brush, trowel or machine. Before applying the emulsion, the formwork surface must be dry or at most only slightly damp. Usually only one coat of DMA 1000 is needed. However, if forms are new and highly absorbent, a second coat is recommended. Wait 3-4 hours before placing concrete. Cleaning Tools used for preparing and applying DMA 1000 can be cleaned with water immediately after use. When water has evaporated ... ascunde
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