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 MAPEI Disarmante DMA 1000 Fisa tehnica Engleza 791/7.99

DMA 1000...
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 MAPEI Disarmante DMA 1000 Fisa tehnica Engleza  after a few hours, oil...
after a few hours, oil residue on tools can only be removed with solvent (ethyl alcohol, trichlorethylene, etc.). COVERAGE 10-30 g/m2. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS DMA 1000 is a product based on special oils, admixtures and emulsifiers developed in the MAPEI research laboratories. Mixed with water it becomes a white emulsion with excellent stability and high anti-adhesive properties against concrete that permits easy stripping of forms and better surface appearance. DMA 1000 features the following benefits: • better surface finish; • no grease stains, even with white cements; • less cleaning of forms; • simple low-cost application. PACKAGING DMA 1000 is available in 200 lt drums and 23, 9, and 4.5 kg drums. RECOMMENDATIONS DMA 1000 should not be used for: • metal forms; • plastic forms; • non-absorbent forms. DMA 1000 should never be used full strength. DIRECTIONS FOR USE Preparing the emulsion Pour 20 parts water into a clean container and slowly stir in 1 part in vol ... ascunde

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