Corpuri pentru iluminat decorativ PRISMA ARHITECTURAL 4 Seasons

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4 SEASONS GARDEN SYSTEM Conception of the 4Seasons system: Francesco Iannone, Serena Tellini - Consuline (Milan) - Graphic design, photographs, illustrations, text, coordination and prepress: Boutique Creativa (Milan) - 3D Rendering: Consuline (Milan) - Photographs were taken at the Parco Giardino Sigurtà in Valeggio sul Mincio (VR) - PRISMA ARCHITECTURAL Shadows of the trees in the winter moonlight my shadow moves along. 1 Masaoka Shiki (1869-1902) 2 The wrong lighting eliminates natural contrast and diminishes the beauty of nature. Light and dark are complementary elements: only when they are put together, in natural or artificial illumination, can we understand the fullness and majesty of natural shapes. 3 Colour adds to the combination of light and dark to interpret a season or emphasize a particular element: nature becomes the scenography that surrounds life. 4 4Seasons is an integrated ... ascunde
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