Cofraj pierdut din material plastic - Terase necirculabile GEOPLAST MINIMODULO ®

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Pagina 1-Cofraj pierdut din material plastic - Terase necirculabile GEOPLAST MINIMODULO ® Lucrari,...
MINIMODULO LIGHTWEIGHT SLAB Minimodulo Minimodulo is used to decrease the weight of floors, especially if made of timber. The shape of the forming system guarantees high loadbearing capacity; the voids make it possible to ventilate the slab reducing problems of moisture, condensation, molds. The layer of air also has a positive influence on the acoustic insulation performance of the floor. Advantages • • • • • • Natural ventilation Eliminates moisture and condensation Makes the floor lighter Reduces heat transmission Acts as an acoustic insulation Creates a high load-bearing structure plaster mostar MINIMODULO wall PVC ventilation tube flooring screed thinckness insulation slab MINIMODULO flooring to be removed Applications New roof slabs Floor built on existing roof slab Timber slabs Geoplast S.p.A. – via Martiri della Libertà 6/8 – 35010 Grantorto PD – Tel. +39 049 9490289 – Fax +39 049 9494028 – ... ascunde

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