Cofraj pierdut din material plastic - Renovari GEOPLAST MINIMODULO ®

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MINIMODULO REFURBISHMENTS Minimodulo Minimodulo is used to add a floor onto an existing slab without greatly increasing the slab thickness, reducing the concrete consumption and guaranteing a high load-bearing capacity. The voids make it possible to ventilate the floor, eliminating moisture and condensation. Advantages • • • • • Natural ventilation Elimination of moisture and condensation Low weight Low heat transmission High load-bearing capacity floring screed thinckness insulation slab MINIMODULO wall tiles to be removed PVC ventilation tube flooring existed Applications New floor on existing slab Garage renovation Geoplast S.p.A. – via Martiri della Libertà 6/8 – 35010 Grantorto PD – Tel. +39 049 9490289 – Fax +39 049 9494028 – ... ascunde

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