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Certificare GREEN Leed

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Pagina 1-Certificare GREEN Leed  Certificare produs Engleza CONTRIBUTES FOR LEED CERTIFICATION

Manufacturer ...
Pagina 2-Certificare GREEN Leed  Certificare produs Engleza ldings. Projects are
prerequisites for providing ...
ldings. Projects are prerequisites for providing the requirements , may be eligible for various levels of certification LEED about winning points. For further details visit This product evaluation report is created on 16.06.2016 in accordance with the LEED v3 certification system. It is valid for one year. MATERIAL AND RESOURCES (MR) Construction Waste Management MR Credit 2 Solid Waste Management Construction/Renovation Waste MR Credit 9 Because of 100% recyclable structure of Styronit® it helps the recycling of the construction waste whether or not they have been damaged during construction, renovation or the destruction of part of the reconstruction project. Thus contributes to the construction waste management and recycling efforts. In addition, in the assessment process of evaluation of existing buildings it can contribute to prevent waste sent at least 70% of the field of construction and renovation waste to waste area. Applicable building types* LEED Cre ... ascunde

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