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WELLNESS COLLECTION 2018 JACUZZI® WELLNESS THE SPACE DEDICATED TO YOUR WELLNESS The Jacuzzi® Wellness collection meets various space requirements and stands out for its excellent comfort and design. It’s the best way to discover the authentic, natural benefits of heat. Enjoy the rewarding and regenerating experience offered by our range of Jacuzzi® Wellness products. Bask in light effects, scents and your favourite music and transform a daily habit into an unforgettable moment. Exclusive materials, innovative design and excellent performances satisfy all the needs of private and professional users. SASHA DESIGN ALBERTO APOSTOLI FINNISH SAUNA The ancient Scandinavian tradition of enjoying a very hot, dry heat sauna purifies the body and relaxes the muscles for the ultimate in psychological and physical wellbeing. BIOSAUNA Gentler than the Finnish sauna but just as effective, the Biosauna lets everyone enjoy its benefits thanks to its moderate temperature and aromatherapy. IN ... ascunde
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