Automatizari pentru usi pivotante, Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart GEZE TSA 325

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GEZE - Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart MercedesBenz Museum, Stuttgart Architecture office: Van Berkel en Bos Architects, Amsterdam Incorporated into the new Mercedes-Benz World, the Mercedes-Benz Museum invites the visitor to an unusual reconnaissance tour of the company’s history and the automobile. The basic structure of the architecturally remarkable museum building is in the shape of a shamrock. In the centre of the arched form, a three-cornered atrium is created, surrounded by the adjoining exhibition rooms. In an enormous double helix, two corridors wind through the various levels with an exhibition area of 16,500 m². Visitors thus start their tour not on the ground floor but travel by lift to the highest point of the museum and walk down the spiral, whereby the exhibition shows the cars in order of their age. The visitor can thus follow the development of the car and the Mercedes (1 of 3)7/30/2007 5:11:10 PM GEZE - Merced ... ascunde